Fashion show features music and drama

A futuristic fashion show at West Hatch High School involved the textiles department working with drama and music staff and students.

Many students from the Textiles club designed and made costumes based on how fashion would be like in the future.

Pupils used fabric and materials that were creative, random and with many textures.

The idea is to imagine that ordinary resources may not be available so society would then dress using materials that are found or previously used.

The Year 10 GCSE Textiles students worked hard to produce costumes for The Tempest; a play that involved working closely with drama students.

Pupils collaborated on designs which had to fit the storyline as well as the cast member.

These students also planned the hair and make-up and organised the schedule for the night.

The fashion show also included work by Year 11 GCSE students and A-level students.

Music students worked with Head of Music Martin Fourie to create exciting and new music to match the designs on the catwalk.

Naz Hussain, the school’s head of textiles, said: "The fashion show was a success because of the unique collaboration between departments that have the same ideology.

"Textiles and drama fall together naturally as performance in this instance and was the best way to demonstrate the ideas that students.”


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