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    Catch Up Premium

    West Hatch High School

    Catch Up Premium Allocation




    Total number of pupils receiving catch up funding

    Funding has now changed

    Total allocation




    Total number of pupils receiving catch up funding

    Funding has now changed

    Total allocation



    Initiatives in place to ensure pupils make accelerated progress:



    Description of activities

    Year 7 Booster group

    This small group of pupils, selected as a result of their ability profile on entry, are provided with an alternative curriculum which focusses on supporting them in making rapid progress in their English and mathematics specifically. Some pupils who are strong in English but need extra support in mathematics will be supported with an additional hour of mathematics but will not be on the alternative curriculum pathway. The school’s aim is to ensure rapid progress so that the pupils reintegrate back into the main Year 7 curriculum swiftly. Some remain in the booster group for the whole of year 7 and re-join the main school curriculum in Year 8.

    Read Write Inc. morning programme

    At the point of entry to West Hatch, all pupils undertake reading tests to ascertain their reading ages. Where pupils are significantly below the required reading age, they are expected to attend school at 08:20 each day to follow the RWI phonics programme. Pupils on the programme are regularly re-tested and are removed from the provision once they reach a reading age in line with their peers. Pupils who are identified for catch-up funding and need specific support in their English are targeted first within this programme.

    Reading intervention

    For pupils who are identified as requiring additional support, but do not have a reading age low enough to trigger RWI support, receive additional intervention through the schools LSA reading intervention programme where targeted pupils are provided with a lead LSA who reads with them twice weekly and utilises the accelerated reading test programme. Small groups of pupils are removed during form time twice weekly to support them with their reading.

    1:1 tuition

    Pupils who require additional support in English or mathematics to catch up are provided with 10 week programme of 1:1 tuition with a school tutors.

    Reading Buddies

    This is for students of a slightly higher reading age but still below 11 years old.  Students are paired with KS4 students (Avg. reading age 16) students to read during form time for 20 minutes.  This is supported by KS5 mentors.

    Raising Achievement Programmes (RAP) meetings

    The KS3 AHT meets with the KS3 Coordinator for English Maths and Science on a three weekly cycle to discuss specific interventions for individual pupils within their subjects. Pupils who need support in Year 7 are identified during these meetings and appropriate interventions take place. 


    Impact of initiatives in 2016/17:

    Evaluation of Intervention

    • 21 pupils with an average KS2 score below 100 in English and maths
    • In English, 33% (7/21) of pupils made at more than expected progress over the course of the year with 62% (13/21) making expected progress
    • In mathematics, 57% (12/21) of pupils made more than expected progress over the course of the year with 86% (18/21) making   expected progress
    • Read Write Inc. Programme of pupils made at least one year’s progress in the six week period of this programme in 2016/17. This programme was successful and will be expanded.
    • We will continue with all programmes used in 2016/17